Vespertine Opera Theater's first commissioned work, Heart Mountain by Sarah Mattox chronicles the real life experience of Kara Kondo in the Heart Mountain Japanese-American concentration camp in Wyoming during World War II. Taken directly from her journal, this work has a powerful resonance to local Pacific Northwest history. It was performed in the three quarters round at theLAB@Inscape, in the Inscape Arts Building, formerly the Immigration Services building, where local Japanese American community leaders were imprisoned in the racial hysteria following the attack at Pearl Harbor. During 1942, many Japanese American families were processed in the very room in which the workshop was performed.

A workshop is the artistic process of putting a new piece on its feet for the first time to see what works and what needs to be tweaked. Check back for information regarding the full production of Heart Mountain in an upcoming season.

Photos by Alan Alabastro
Photos copyright Alabastro Photography

Heart Mountain by Sarah Mattox
Workshop performed in theLAB@Inscape
Summer 2015

Mature Kara
Young Kara
Takashi Kondo
Sergeant Pete
The Speculator

Violin and Percussion
Stage Director
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Production Assistant

Kimberly Sogioka
Nina Riley
Thomas Meglioranza
Tara Ohrtman
Silvana Chu
Ross Hauck
Ryan Bede

Sarah Mattox
Stephen Stubbs
Beth Kirchhoff
Jo Nardolillo
Dan Wallace Miller
Sarah Mattox, Kara Kondo
Christopher Mumaw
Marnie Cumings
Sarah Mattox
John Bernard